Antonio Mendoza

UNC Chapel Hill, BS
Computer Science, 2020
UNC NLP lab Research Assistant
Advisor: Mohit Bansal

Contact Info

Phone: (707) 205-5571



About Me

Hello World! I am a Sophomore Computer Science student at UNC Chapel Hill. I am on my pursuit to make a big impact on Artifical Intelligence and Natural Language Processing as a research assistant within the UNC NLP lab under the guidance of my PI, Dr. Bansal. I started programming in 2015, but my journey in AI took a serious start in 2018, when I completed CS224n (Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning) online as a foundation before my research.

I now work both indepedently and alongside PhD students on my research interests in which I both create ideas and designs from scratch and adapt from other published research into my own work.

I am deeply vested in my work and will be pursuing a PhD in AI and NLP once I graduate. I see the field deeply impacting humanity, and I am excited to work hard to become apart of that future.

Research Interests

For my current project, I am investigating the potential applications of 'modular learning' within NLP. Specifically, networks which are able to reason/compose an optimal/unique composition of sub-networks entailed by specific inputs.

I've also read a lot about Normalizing Flows and am excitedly planning on investigating applications on non-autoregressive sentence generation for future research.

Relavant Technical Skills

Deeply Knowledgeable

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