Antonio Mendoza

UNC Chapel Hill, BS
Computer Science, 2021
UNC NLP lab Research Assistant
Advisor: Mohit Bansal

Contact Info

Phone: (707).205.5571



About Me

Hello! I am a Junior Computer Science student at UNC Chapel Hill. I have been working as a resarch assistant indepedently and jointly on research projects at the UNC NLP lab since August 2019 under Dr. Bansal. I remain steadfast in my pursuit of graduate school sice the start of my undergraduate career.
My focus, now, is to develop elegant and competive vision-language systems to expand the door of entry in VLP.
In some of my previous pursuits, I have collaborated with Facebook as an open source developer on their Multi-Modal Framework. Likewise, I have also contributed the first multi-modal model in Hugging Face's transformers library, and have implemented the functionality to support N-dimnesional data in Hugging Face's Datasets library. Currently, I am finishing up a framework I have developed on my own for VLP, titled: "VLTK".
This summer (2021), I will be working with Verisk Analytics!

Research Interests

Relavant Technical Skills

Well versed in the standard Deep Learning / AI toolkit. I work mostly in Pytorch and Python. I also enjoy experimenting around with data storage software such as apache arrow / LMDB / HDF5. Editor of Choice: Vim